Our Personality Is Like A Commodity

Invest in yourself with time and the resources you have around you. When building your portfolio, write your essay for you because you alone understand the positives you possess and can write them down effortlessly.


Just think of how brands are introduced in the market. Marketers have to highlight all the products’ positives to make consumers want to buy them. It’s good to also highlight a couple of cons that show a positive side in the effort to make them work and strengthen the demand for the product. You should do the same to your bid in getting the job. highlight your academic achievements in your application and support them with specific documents.


Take your time and check all that is required for every particular job. requirements are different and so you will need to tweak every application to fit your bid. When we are talking of branding a personality, you need to remember that it’s something that you need to build academically and through the extracurricular activities that you will be required to do. Work hard on your studies and you will have an easy time selling your skills to the potential employers you will meet out there after graduation.