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A Maplestoryer opinion

Why oh why is this even possible? Is it a lack of understanding on Nexon's part on how to prevent this? Do they cheapest Maplestory Mesos simply not care?

I know about it, I appreciate Nexon heavily for banning those ms mesos vendors and what not, but as we can all see, they're not really solving the problem.

So therefore, it is not about moderating or understanding. It is about the way the system was made in different area.

In GMS; botters and hackers can pretty much MS Mesos create news personality and finance them to resume where their previous character obtained permanently banned. If they get eternally IP prohibited; they could change it no matter what.

However, in KMS; it's quite different since you're required SSN (social security numbers) so as to create the account and play with the game whereas GMS doesn't. It is marginally quite like Blizzard's charging system, because you are providing real information of your identity, and people wouldn't try to do something stupid ( a few does) to violate their identity.

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