Would construction companies benefit from ISO 9001?


ISO 9001 Certification in Kuwait standard plays a key role in today market across all industries and sectors. ISO 9001 standard defines internationally accepted Quality Management system process. Construction and building industry plays a vital role for any country. There are several standards of service and quality for Construction companies that would vary in different countries, regions. Hence ISO 9001 Certification standard became feasible option for all Construction companies to follow best process in the industry.


ISO 9001 Certification in Construction industry considers quality, cost, safety and environment factors. Among these quality and cost are equally important to both builder and the customer, hence ISO 9001 Certification in Nigeria is become valuable option in the Construction sector.


In the Construction industry the basic process flow is explained in the above figure. Master Plan is a high level plan to meet the requirements of the construction. While doing it the following factors would be considered – raw material procurement, human resource management, risk identification, external factors etc. The output of Master Plan would be taken and the process of Design is carried out listing the details of the process documentation, risk control management documentation etc. Project Mgmt. deals with the management of human resources, supply chain management, training on quality management and its importance to all the stakeholders of Construction etc. Based on the available data so far a risk sheet v/s opportunity is made that would give inputs to the continuous improvement of process or Master Plan.


The Construction industry should try to implement ISO 9001 Audit in Kuwait for the reasons like ensure consistent build quality, methodology; cost reduction; control risk, safety and environment factors. The following of above process flow would benefit the builder of the construction on effective strategic planning with focus on risks and opportunities. The process of documentation process to control external factors like raw material procurement, safety, labor management, supply chain management etc. would have financial benefit. The continuous improvement process to address risks and its control would benefit to identify best practices, risk control management, better strategic planning etc.


What can you do with this Certification?


You can utilize the way that your organization is ISO 9001 Consultancy in Dubai certified in your marketing. Your management system and its procedures have been ensured to ISO 9001 so you would like to discuss your successful registration to ISO 9001 similarly as long as you don't propose that your products are certified or that you are certified by ISO, which is the thing that ISO certified suggests. 


What wouldn't you be able to do?


 You can't utilize or change ISO's logo… it is ISO's brand and intellectual property. 

 You can't say ISO 9001 or ISO certified… You should explain it. We are ISO 9001:2013 certified; we are not ensured by ISO or by ISO 9001. 


ISO 9001:2015 can't be recorded on your products or utilized as a part of writing to suggest product certification… It's not a product certification it's an organization certification. 

You should be careful with your scope description so it properly depicts your certified actions and geographic areas.


Our Advice:-


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