Do You Know How a Help Desk Software Can Benefit You?

The first point of contact, Help Desk was incepted to provide with a faster solution to end users of any product/ service through calls, chats, and emails and even through ticketing portals. Today, maximum MNCs use these to provide support to their customers. A Help Desk Software aids in managing these services efficiently.

This software falls under the umbrella of the service desk, the POC between a company and its customers.

Let’s look at the early days of Help Desk Software:

Initially, companies handled customer issues face-to-face. Customers had to visit those offices and get their problems resolved. With the advancement of technology, Service Desk Software took a boom and customers could reach any company remotely.

Introduction to this software came in the late 1980s when the use of internet became widespread. With this, the US companies started outsourcing their software to countries like India and China.

What are its characteristics?

A Service Desk Software automates customer services. It performs functions like ticket creation, ticket management, automation and reporting. This system keeps track of the tickets created, who created it and other such information. This portal has an SLA (Service Level Agreement).

All queries/problems are answered by the point of contacts (this number varies from company to company) via calls, emails and the tickets created by them. Customers and users both can access these tickets for understanding the workflow.

A unique feature of this software is a compilation of customer questions. Repetitive queries like resetting of the password, remote login to printers, etc. can be automated to FAQ section, which frees the agents. These freed agents can focus on more urgent issues, making the workflow more compact and service oriented.

Some advanced help desk manufacturers allow tickets to be escalated. In this feature, a user can escalate their tickets to supervisors or team leads. The resolution, thus, becomes faster.

This work can be automated. Repetitive, routine or similar tasks are automated to reduce the work pressure on employees. Automation can range from emails to routing the tickets to the right teams.

Through the help desk, companies can understand the market insight. Looking at the tickets, emails and customer replies gives a detailed idea of the customer requirements. The market insight is converted into a visual graph to get valuable information like customer buying preference, top product/ service complaints, etc.

Customer satisfaction survey (CSAT) shows customer satisfaction regarding a query. So, higher CSAT means better service.

Why use Service Desk Softwares?

  1. Easy resolution of queries
  2. Prioritising ticket’s SLA
  3. Maintaining a workflow
  4. No missed tickets
  5. Resolve tickets faster
  6. Consistent resolution of tickets
  7. Focus on important tasks to prioritize work.

What did it do?

With the advancement of Help Desk Software, the IT industry gained more clients and the revenue generation spiked up exponentially. The turnover of companies was huge and this, in turn, changed the economy of countries like India. They saw a boom in their work. Detailed information of clients helped the IT companies to focus their interest on their issues and enabled them to solve their problems faster, resulting in client satisfaction.


Megha Jadhav is the author of this article on Help Desk Software. Find more information about Service Desk Software.